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General Information


Important Dates

Submission Window for Project and Narrative/Research Paper         

January 11- 19, 2024                                   

 Judge Training                               

January 11, 2024     

Top 4 Finalists in Each Category Announced

January 26, 2024 

Round 2 of Judging In Person
February 02, 2024

Awards Ceremony                     

February 15, 2024



  • General Components
    Download PDF 96 KB
  • Category Descriptions
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Resources For Teachers

  • Making Data Into Charts
    Download Powerpoint Presentation 396 KB
  • Overview of Scientific Method for YCSEE - Teacher Training version 2
    Download Powerpoint Presentation 91 KB
  • Purdue APA Style
    Download Powerpoint Presentation 763 KB
  • Suggested Time Line for Completing a Science Project
    Download PDF 52 KB
  • The Scientific Method
    Download PDF 2 MB
  • Judging Rubric
    • Science Project Rubric
      Download PDF 59 KB
    • Engineering Judging Rubric
      Download PDF 66 KB
  • Board Suggested Layout
    • Science Project Layout
      Download PDF 1.6 MB
    • Engineering Project Layout
      Download PDF 1.6 MB
    • Engineering Rubric Video 
Digital Board Example

Judging Criteria

Research Digital presentation: 50 Points

  • Questions sufficiently narrow and is answerable
  • The hypothesis addresses question and is research based
  • Variables and controls identified and effects on the results are clear
  • Data is adequate for the conclusion and appropriate for problem
  • Conclusion is logical and based on collected data
  • Display is artistic, creative and appealing to the eye
  • Includes new and interesting information/perspective
  • Logical flow of information
  • Research display depth of knowledge relevant to project

Research Narrative/Experimental Report: 25 Points

  • Experimental report displays depth of knowledge relevant to project
  • Curiosity is evident
  • Experimental report contains abstract, introduction, method, results, references/source and in APA format
  • 4th - 5th grade - cite at least 1 source, 6th - 8th grade - cite at least 3 sources, 9th - 12th grade - cite at least 5 sources

Interview/Oral Questions: 25 Points

  • The interview is clear and well presented
  • Evidence student did own work
  • Questions answered appropriately and completely
  • Professionalism is evident

Possible Interview Questions:

  • Why/How are your findings important?
  • In what college and/or career pathway would this information be beneficial?
  • What was the most challenging piece of your experiment?
  • What did you learn from your background research?
  • Did anyone help you with the project?
  • Did you take all data (run the experiment) under the same conditions, e.g., at the same temperature (time of day) (lighting conditions)?
  • Were there any books/resources that helped you do your data analysis?
  • Did you try anything that did not work or did not give you expected results? If so, what did you learn from this?
  • Which project variable was the most difficult to track and explain why.
  • How do the results from your project provide benefit to society?
  • Why did you select this topic for your project?
  • Please introduce yourself and tell us about your research project.
  • How did you come up with the idea of your research?
  • Explain how you ran the tests? How many times did you repeat your tests?
  • If you were going to do it all over again, would you change your test/project? How and why?
  • Were you surprised by your results/conclusion of your project? Why/why not?


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